7 Tips For Succeeding At Selling Your Home

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Selling your home is not a simple and straightforward task. Even after taking the time to consider the crucial decision, it still requires heaps of groundwork to be done – conducting the research, choosing the right agent, and pricing the property suitably.

Given the current market, which is a seller’s market, it should be considerably easy to put your house for sale and get the price that you’re asking for without much hassle. I would still think that with a little effort in the right direction you could get outstanding results.

I have been an agent in the property and real estate market for over 35 years. I have seen the industry – evolve and the market – shift. I have witnessed all the ups and downs. The tips that I am presenting to you in this article are timeless and applicable irrespective of the market situation. If you apply them with thought and consistency, I can guarantee that you will see the positive outcomes for yourself.


1.    Making the decision to sell

Beginning with the decision to sell your home, consider your reasons. Is it so you can move closer to your family? Or, because you have outgrown the space and need a bigger house for your loved ones? Consider the decision closely and reflect on what the move would mean for you.

It is my recommendation that you get your property appraised by a professional agency and consider their feedback and inputs as well as the inputs of your family before making the big decision.


2.    Doing your homework

Now that you have decided to sell, it is time to take the next step and do a little homework. Drive around your area and look at the properties that are selling there. What is the asking price? What are the features that are on offer? How does this compare with your own property?

This will help you arrive at a ballpark for the selling price as well as consider if you need to make any immediate improvements or renovations that will boost the price of your property.


3.    Choosing the right agent

Your homework and research should also lead you to the right agent for your property. Talk to agents who specialise in your area and the type of property. Does the agent have a good know-how of the area? Has the agent sold similar properties successfully recently? What about the agent’s attitude – does it match your own?

The right agent will be able to work closely with you and advise you throughout the way. It is important to choose an agent who has clarity about your needs and expectations.

4.    Arriving at the right price

The right agent and the asking price are the determining factors in this play. Let me explain. There are three known reasons why a house may fail to sell – (1) the seller doesn’t really want to move, (2) the agent has not done his bit in introducing the property to the market properly, and/or (3) the property is overpriced.

It is crucial to arrive at the right asking price considering the area and all the features of your property, to avoid failure. A fair price will generally be in line with the current market price.


5.    Preparing for inspections

I thoroughly recommend that you prepare for any and all inspections. Whether it is a visit by the appraiser, by your agent, or by a prospective buyer. Prepare whether it is a formal or casual visit. Tidy up, discard any junk or excess furniture, and keep the paperwork in order.

Get the garden shrubbery pruned and the lawn mowed. This adds immensely to the visual appeal of your home and many prospective buyers consider this a sign of good maintenance and upkeep.


6.    Preparing for the open house

Go a step further for the open house and consider rearranging your house for maximum visual impact. You may want to buy a few smaller pieces of furniture. Get clean sheets and drapes. Make sure that all major household equipment is functional – like stoves, ovens, and air conditioners/ heaters.

Also, ensure that there are no planned power outages in your area at the time of the open house. A warm and welcoming house is sure to create a lasting impression on all who visit.


7.    Taking good photos of your home

Taking good photos of your home has become imperative in today’s market. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, ask your agent to provide a good photographer. The images need to be attractive and showcase the best possible aspects of your property.

The photographs you take will, most likely, land on the internet on various sites where your agent has advertised your property. It is a good idea to keep a lookout on these listings for any missed details.


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