Meet Mario: Your Real Estate Partner
Always at your Service

With over 35 years of hands-on experience, what sets Mario apart from all his contemporaries is his passion for all things real estate. He runs his boutique agency in Beaconsfield – MSA Frontline Realty, with great gusto. And, his many happy clients vouch for his expertise and skill in finding the right match and price when it comes to property for them.

“Real estate is about knowing your clients well whether it be buyers or sellers and anticipating their needs,” Mario beams from behind his spacious and well-organised desk. “I keep close tabs on the market, looking out for niche properties for my clients and negotiating the best price for those selling.” His agency offers a range of specialised services for residential, lifestyle, rural or urban, and industrial properties – from property development, management, and marketing and sales, to land subdivision.

Mario moved offices recently to a busy part of Beaconsfield – an area where he resided for nearly 15 years and brought up his own family. “I know this part of town intimately and I know the people. My seven children have grown up in this wonderful neighbourhood.” Being a migrant myself to Australia, I love being a part of a multi-cultural community and truly understand the diverse ethnicities in the area too.

It is not just his character, culture and experience but also his deep knowledge of the industry and his many academic qualifications that make Mario the right man for the job. He has been a much-loved teacher for P.E. & Health Education and taken on various roles in marketing, project management, and property development. All this has culminated in him building a solid foundation for his own beloved agency – MSA Frontline Realty.

“MSA Frontline Realty stands for excellence in service,” Mario says with a proud smile. “I have used the vibrant colours of the Portuguese flag while designing the logo and this is for a special reason. These colours unite people and bring to life the wonderful memory of home.” Mario brings this attention to detail to every new project. 

He enjoys delivering top services to both buyers and sellers. “I love finding the right homes for people who are buying and also finding the right value for the property for those who are selling.” For many of his clients, it is to do with their lifelong earnings and he appreciates the sentiments and the unique desires and needs of each of them. This makes the work he does all the more rewarding and satisfying.

Mario’s advice to buyers

For people looking to buy a property, Mario is the perfect agent. He gets the job done. There are always ample options – all within your price range and to your liking. The location will be convenient and the layout suitable for their present needs with potential to improve or develop in the future. He is able to offer an additional service – the necessary guidance for acquiring financial loans and solutions needed while making the purchase.

He is keenly sought after by property developers for his insights into the property market. Mario has been called time and time again to identify and procure land for property development and other projects across Western Australia. “I am particularly conversant with properties South of the River – the suburbs from Fremantle down to Mandurah”.


Mario’s advice to sellers

How do you get your property sold at the best possible price? “The key lies in engaging the right agent. You will need someone with good market insight, an acumen for driving solid marketing campaigns, the ability to forge friendly and strong relationships and good experience presenting your property to achieve the best possible price. Look out for agents who waste too much time, money and energy in endless advertising and promotion!” Most importantly, Mario is economical. “I charge an affordable fee that is nothing like the extravagant commission and marketing fees that other agents charge these days.”

“How do you get

your property sold

at the best possible

price? The key lies

in engaging the

right agent.”

You should be able to trust your agent and work with them. Your agent should be able to negotiate and manage expectations at every turn. Understandably, buyers will want to pay as little as possible. So, it is your agent who should be able to stand the ground and get you what you rightfully deserve. You want someone who delivers within budget and understands the value of your life’s most valuable asset – your home. 

“You may be in love with a property or very keen and interested, but it really takes an experienced and qualified agent to negotiate to a point where both the buyers and the sellers are happy. I strive to reach this optimum point in all my engagements and this is the reason why so many of my clients are happy and satisfied with the service I provide.”

Mario has a genuine love for people with a strong loyal work ethic like no other. He’s honest, efficient and 100% committed. Behind all that is a man with a passion and purpose. He is fondly referred to in the community as ‘Super Mario’ and when you meet him, you’ll understand why. His success is based almost exclusively on word-of-mouth and positive referrals. He earns the respect of his clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them the best possible service. Run into him at his office at Shop 4A, 115 Lefroy Road Beaconsfield, or call him on 0419 186 919, you’ll hear his cheery voice greet you – “Hello! This is MSA Frontline Realty. I am Mario, at your service!

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