Property Development

 Under the Directions 2031 planning guidelines, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has identified and classified the area encompassing the local Governments of Cockburn, Kwinana and Rockingham as Sub- region offering a strategic Metropolitan District Centres. 
This Sub-region has experienced considerable economic and population growth, driven by continued high demand for coastal locations, historically strong demand
for lower density suburban development and a consistently high level of industrial
and commercial activity. 
Accordingly, most of the rural properties within this area have the potential to be rezoned into residential, commercial, light industrial and special residential lots.  It is important to understand that, in some of these rural areas, there is no structured Plan in place as yet, for this to happen a proposal must be prepared and planning submission to be lodged with local authorities to obtain planning and environmental approvals.
For many years I have been involved and working closely with a number of similar situations, I do know that the local Government and the WA Planning Commission have a back-log of rezoning proposals to deal with.
To have land rezoned, landowners must prepare a well Structured Plan and justify how the land can be rezoned.  Without appropriate plans and the preparation of feasibility reports, the Government will not initiate the rezoning.
If the town planning and rezoning of your land is properly managed “at that point in time”, as a result, the significant potential value will benefit all land owners.    
For the last 3 years, most developers and property investors seem uninterested in buying rural or urban properties, unless it is subject to be rezoned or already rezoned with plans approved. 
It is important for landowners to rezone their land in order to maximise the value of landholdings.
Land owners should appoint and negotiate with the Project Management Consultancy Company that provides services to assist them to subdivide their properties into high density blocks or to develop their property into residential, commercial, light industrial or special residential lots.
I have contacts with reputable Town Planners and Land Development Project Managers specialized in Town Planning matters. They can provide proposals in obtaining Planning and Environmental Approvals for your property. These particular companies offer exceptional service and protect property owners’ interests.
You still maintain control and retain ownership of your property, you can continue enjoying the lifestyle you want on your property until you decide when you wish to sell or develop your land into lots.
Should you be interested to find out more about how to maximise your property value or to find a suitable property with potential development, please do not hesitate to contact me, Mario on mob 0419 186919.
I shall be happy to provide you with information and to assist you in what is necessary.