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During my 22 years involved in the sale of Real Estate I have had considerable experience and developed strategies to assist customers with their wants, needs and desires. I am very satisfied with my success in this Career.  Now, I have put together my experience and knowledge and created a specific and unique Real Estate Model for my very own Company to provide Exceptional Customer Service. This Practical Working Model includes strategic guidelines and instructions in all areas of Real Estate and will be used by all members in my Company to deliver a Professional and Special Service to our clients.


‘Delivering exceptional customer services based on a client-centred approach’

How can this be done?

  • By looking at my organization from the client’s point of view and working out how to meet their needs.

How can my Agency provide exceptional customer services?

  • By implementing specific principles of client service appropriate to the Real Estate Industry.
  • By employing experienced staff at MSA Frontline Realty to genuinely put clients’ needs into their service practice.
  • By setting up an environment in which clients feel valued.
  • By offering affordable selling fees to sellers and creating ‘Finance Solutions’ to assist purchasers.

What are my motives to start a new Real Estate Agency?

  • To fulfil my ambition of creating a client centred approach with exceptional customer service.
  • To help vendors sell their properties with affordable fees and offer “creative financing solutions” to assist both the vendor and the buyer to make the sale a win-win situation for all.
  • I am extremely satisfied with my work as a Real Estate Agent and now I am excited to commence my own Real Estate Company. 
  • I would never exchange my employment in this industry for any other profession.
  • I feel that honesty, hard work, treating clients with integrity and respect, good industry knowledge, a vision for the future and applying a good sales marketing plan are all necessary components to succeed in Real Estate and Property Development.

Maintaining a working relationship with clients

  • We, at MSA Frontline Realty emphasise putting the client back in the heart of our planning. Placing client needs at the centre of our operations will be a fundamental part of our programming.
  • Our Real Estate Company will pay full attention to what our clients want, make them  feel important, and systematically check to see that they are happy with our service.
  • We will work effectively to develop closer links with property owners, prospective buyers, property developers and Finance Institutions.
  • We will maintain regular consultation with clients and Finance Institutions to ensure our clients get the best service and financial package available.

Areas of operation

  • At MSA Frontline Realty we are free to operate our business anywhere in WA.
  • We want to assist clients with our exceptional service anywhere, whenever necessary without operational restrictions.
  • We are prepared to list properties for sale and attend clients in any residential suburb or rural area.
  • Our preference areas, initially, are South of the Swan River Coastal Suburbs from Fremantle - to Mandurah. We will extend to other areas in the near future.
  • Our office address is Shop12/51 Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill WA 6153
  • This is on the ‘corner of Spearwood Avenue’ with marvellous public exposure day & night. We have an advanced Technological Communication System, for service at any time, including Weekends and Public Holidays.
  • We intend to market all our listed properties in a professional manner and display them on the most credible Internet Services available.

Are you considering selling, buying or developing your property?

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‘At Your Service’